Utkarsh Goel
I am an architect who likes to build unilateral technologies to improve the current state of the world wide web performance. I work at Akamai's Foundry - the cutting edge arm of Akamai's Web Performance business unit that believes in fail fast, succeed faster philosophy and focuses on exploring new technology opportunities to improve the Internet performance at large.

With years of intense research experience and a Ph.D. in hand, I have deep understanding of the protocols running on the Internet. I have authored several technologies that offer attractive performance enhancements in challenged networks. My most recent scientific contributions are in the areas of CDN mapping, 3rd party content acceleration, cellular infrastructure discovery, IPv6 performance, and HTTP/2 modelling.

I'm currently on a quest towards instant webpage loads and I am looking for collaboration on ideas that have the potential to make the world wide web faster, safer, and bigger. All you need to do is, reach out!